Rifugio Radura del Grano

Rifugio Radura del Grano

Welcome to a special cozy hostel in the heart of Calabria

Our Rifugio is your hostel in Calabria, Italy. For over 500 years, the charm of this petite Calabrian village has been attracting the most adventurous pilgrims and wanderlusty nature lovers from all over the continent. They would hike up to about 1000 meters above sea level just to reach this unique spot with its most spectacular view. Luckily, nowadays you don’t have to undertake that kind of hiking trip to reach our ‘Rifugio’ (Italian for ‘shelter’) anymore. However, the view from up here remains just as amazing and pure as ever.

For those who love the mountains…

Hiking might not seem like the first idea that comes to mind when thinking about a holiday in the south of Italy. After all, that’s where you would expect beautiful beaches surrounded by something as high as a cliff. And yet, if you think that mountains and the ocean don’t come together, then nature has a surprise for you.

…and the sea

Despite the odds, it is possible to spend your hiking holiday close by the sunny Mediterranean beach. Visit Plataci, the historical mountain village with that spectacular view on the mighty Ocean below, and see for yourself. If you want to experience nature in its full beauty, then our Rifugio is just the right hostel at the heart of Calabria. Get in touch – we look forward to welcoming you!